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Association for Information

Management - Utah

AIM Utah – Code of Conduct


The mission of the Association for Information Management, Utah, (AIM Utah) is to create and disseminate knowledge for/to the Information Technology Professional. To be the voice of the IT Professional and build the capability of the IM Professional.

Code of conduct:

A code of conduct for AIM Utah has been adopted to promote and maintain the highest standards of personal conduct and professional standards among its members. No code of this kind can lay down detailed rules of behavior to cover every occasion; the Code’s effectiveness is dependent on the observance of its provisions in the spirit as well as the letter. The voluntary acceptance of the Code by Members will prove to be a powerful factor in maintaining the standards of this organization. Adherence to this Code is required for membership in AIM Utah.

In recognition of my obligation to fellow members, to AIM Utah and to the IT profession, I shall:

    • Be honest in all my professional relationships
    • Endeavor to share my special knowledge
    • Cooperate with others in the interchange of ideas and knowledge for mutual professional benefit
    • Protect the privacy and confidentiality of all information entrusted to me
    • Support and contribute to the society’s goals and objectives for developing the capability of the IT Professional
    • Maintain high personal standards of moral responsibility, character and business integrity
    • Neither engage in, nor approve or tolerate any exploitation of my membership, company or profession
    • Refrain from using my membership in AIM Utah, or the name of AIM Utah, to promote the products or services of my company
    • Take appropriate action in regard to any illegal or unethical practices that come to my attention

AIM Utah

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