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“Recent studies show that a person’s business success is based more on their EQ than their IQ.”

AIM Utah offers two leadership development programs. 

LDI Program... 
The first, called LDI was developed and made available starting in 2006.  The objectives of this program is to expose Utah professionals to 21st Century Leadership concepts over a 4-month period.  This program is taught by 12 experienced and successful Utah Executives.   This program requires the enrollees meet one Friday a month for a 7 hour session.  Three leadership books are required to be read and/or listened to.  The books are pictured below:

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LDI Plus Program...
The second, called LDI Plus was developed and made available in 2016.  The objective of this program is to assess each individuals leadership competencies and provide Executive Coaching to improve.   This program is taught by 3 experience and successful Utah Executives over a 3-month period.  This program requires the enrollees meet one Friday a month for a 1/2 day session.  It also includes a 90 minute private coaching session with each enrollee.  One leadership book is required to be read and/or listened to.  An initial Birkman survey is taken by the enrollee before the session starts that provides insight on their unusal operating styles and their style under stress.  A 360 leadership survey administered by The Leadership Circle is provided for each individual as part of the program.  This 360 is the basis of the leadership analysis and development of an individual improvement plan.  The Birkman analysis, the 360 Ladership tool and the book are shown in the pictures below:

LDI and LDI Plus Programs...
Each of the monthly sessions for these programs will be held at the Corporate Offices of the Worker Compensation Fund Company in Sandy.  Located at 100 West Towne Ridge Parkway (9620 So.).  The sessions start promptly at 8:30 AM with complete breakfast.  Lunch is also served as part of these programs.  The program sessions are highly interactive with real life relationship leadership examples. In the 30 days between sessions there is reading and work assignments to be completed.

These are GREAT programs for improving leadership and job performance and preparing leaders for more responsible leadership assignments.  Check the Events tab for more information on these program and for registration.  Below is the experience of a graduate of both leadership programs.  Go to Events to register for this program.


>If you have any questions call David Berg at 801-403-9101.

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