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October 2020 - AIM Virtual Lunch Meeting

  • Thursday, October 08, 2020
  • 11:45 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Zoom Meeting


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Dear AIM Utah Members:

Our next AIM General Membership Luncheon will be Thursday, October 8th, and you are invited to participate!

Due to COVID-19, this will be a Zoom Lunch Meeting and AIM will provide lunch via a $25 DoorDash gift card to the first 100 registrants!

The Zoom AIM Lunch will start at 11:45 am and we hope you can participate! We expect the meeting to last 60-90 minutes and many of your peers will be participating!

Registered participants will receive a separate email with the Zoom Meeting ID and password on the day before the event.

AIM will send a $25 DoorDash Gift Card to the first 100 participants who register before end of day October 6th.

This month's featured speaker is:

Bron McCall
SVP and CTO, Extra Space Storage

Digital Transformation – Journey for a non-tech company

Extra Space Storage has been on a multi-year journey to transform how it does business leveraging technology to enable new experiences both internally and externally. Bron McCall – CTO of Extra Space Storage will discuss this journey, challenges and learnings along the way. If you’re in some phase of a similar journey yourself, join to learn potential strategies, pitfalls to look out for and even join the discussion to share successes of your own.

Bron McCall is the SVP and CTO at Extra Space Storage (NYSE: EXR), the second largest owner/operator of self-storage in the United States, the largest self-storage management company in the United States and member of the S&P 500. Since joining Extra Space in 2010, Mr. McCall has led an enterprise digital transformation effort. This transformation has included refreshing all core systems, building an enterprise data warehouse and analytics platform and provided leadership in developing world class digital marketing capabilities. During his tenure, Extra Space has more than doubled in size from 800 stores to now over 1900 nationwide.

Thank you to our sponsor,! is the fastest way to grow your development and IT teams with incredible talent that are excited for the opportunity to be part of your company. has found a unique pool of amazing talent hidden in the jungles of Costa Rica, and specifically in the concrete jungle of the Central Valley surrounding San Jose. Costa Rica has been economically and politically stable since the 1940s and instead of spending money on a big army they invest in education. Over time the world’s largest tech corporations like HP, Amazon, Intel and non-tech companies like Proctor & Gamble found a perfect home for their IT departments and software development teams.

In 2007 Kelly Phillipps, the Founder of was the CTO of a top 100 e-retail company with steep growth and not enough geeks to keep up with the growth.  Fate or coincidence led him to expand his team using Costa Ricans and it was a phenomenal success.  The only downside was navigating tax, labor and corporate law the Costa Rican way.  The great tech talent was worth the pain to get 60 amazing geeks but there had to be a better way.

Smash.CR was created to do everything that Kelly said: “wished I could have just paid for”.   So he could focus all the value without being bogged down by the overhead.

Who is

We help US companies expand their US teams with tech rockstars in Costa Rica.   We don’t get in your way, in fact we clear the path to success.   At Smash.CR we work behind the scenes dealing with payroll, taxes, benefits, office space, travel and anything else that comes up.  We aren’t contractors working on projects, our clients want people that might decide to stay to five to ten years.  They want people who are fully engaged and contributing at the highest levels.  

The people we recruit are looking to be part of a company that will recognize them for their talent and contributions.  They don’t get that opportunity with the huge multi-nationals that dominate Costa Rica’s tech sector.   Their other options are contracting companies where they end up feeling like an outsider working only for a project.  It’s career limiting. has bridged this gap between what the people want to have, the most fulfilling employee experience, and what our clients want to have, the best employer experience.

For more information visit our website at


We hope you can make it to this event!


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