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December 2022 - AIM General Membership Luncheon

  • Thursday, December 08, 2022
  • 11:45 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Joseph Smith Memorial Building


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Dear AIM Utah Members:

You are invited to our next AIM General Membership Luncheon!

The AIM Lunch will start at 11:45 am and we hope you can participate! We expect the meeting to last 60-90 minutes and many of your peers will be participating!

Our Topic:

Executive Presence: What is it and Why Should I Care?

Our AIM lunch meeting on Thursday, December 8th features Mary Patry explaining to us the importance of executive presence and how we can develop our own.

Executive Presence represents the qualities of a leader that enable a leader to engage, align and move people to act. That is a tall order and can appear to be daunting to leaders focused on developing the technology itself. What's critical is that these qualities are not what we think of ourselves as leaders; instead, they are the perceptions of others based on our behavior. Therefore, others' perceptions significantly impact your ability to influence their actions, which is critical to your effectiveness over your organization and driving business results. During our luncheon, Mary Patry, IT Executive Coach and Advisor, will reveal the traits that will enable you to pivot from a technology visionary to a true business leader.

Our speaker is Mary Patry

Mary's Biography

Accomplished technology management leader Mary Patry engages her unique leadership experience, values, training, and personality to help her coaching clients create an attainable, sustainable vision for success. After over 40 years as a leader and practitioner in IT, Mary stepped away from her corporate executive career to focus on her passion, helping others triumph personally and professionally. At the heart of Mary's coaching practice is her desire to create a compelling new vision for her client's success and her commitment to providing leadership in identifying key motivations, creating positive solutions, and enabling her coaching clients to set and achieve previously unimagined goals.

Mary's technology expertise is hard‐won, founded on decades of commitment, dedication, and strategic growth. Her sterling reputation in the industry is grounded in her well‐known ability to define the strategy, design, and implementation leadership of actionable IT programs focused on increasing value and business influence. Beyond her technical skills, Mary's empathy, care, and innate listening ability set her apart in an increasingly crowded field. Mary helps her clients design a future around the positive core values, priorities, and principles they identify. She guides them through understanding key motivations and offers the emotional grounding necessary to take on new challenges. Since 2013 she has helped over 400 technology executives progress toward their goals and earned a Coach U Graduate Certification and International Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach accreditation.

Thanks to our sponsor, Arctic Wolf!

Arctic Wolf has 3 products.  Arctic Wolf’s cyber services are backed by up to a $1,000,000 service guarantee and are led with a Concierge Security Engineer to provide strategic guidance around the following domains:

  • XDR/MDR – Managed Detection & Response – log correlation, analytics, 24x7 threat hunting, containment.
  • MR – Managed Risk – a platform for managing, prioritizing vulnerabilities and risk.
  • MSAT – Managed Security Awareness Training – awareness training and phishing simulation.


We hope you can make it to this event!


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